Sunday, 17 October 2021

Still alive!

Another month slips by without a post.....

This time I cannot even report work in progress; there's a definite lethargy and fending off of "the black dog" that's contributing. In addition, changes at work and the pressure to return to normal have made for an unsettling time.

The last couple of weekends have disappeared in a blur - just recovering from busy work weeks seems to be all I can manage, without much energy for anything else.

I see from other blogs that wargames shows have restarted; I have mixed feelings about attending. Even aside from any Covid issues, I have to admit my attendance had dropped off before the pandemic. I was finding most show uninspiring with only moderate interest. There's only so much shopping you can do and most games on show were becoming increasingly identical exhibitions of the "eye candy extravaganza" type. I have returned from a show before and read someone else's report where a game is mentioned and realised I cannot recall seeing it!

 Frankly, after a while wandering around a show, I seem to just screen out most of the games, unless they are actually "different" . I have concluded that my attendance at shows is as much a habit as buying wargames magazines! Very seldom do I get much out of the experience.

I recall early shows which often were something of a novelty. They increased dramatically in number in the last two decades. Even allowing for those that are no more, it's possible (or rather was) to attend a show almost every weekend.

What I do note is they have become very samey; same traders, same games, presumably same punters. Even the games are starting to look the same.

In the past I have really enjoyed some shows. Aside from the early ones where the novelty was enough, it has been shows where I met up with someone, saw a trader you rarely see who either doesn't have a decent website, offers good show deals or benefits from a physical presence so you can "rummage" around their goods ( think Irregular).

Aside from that, it was the finding a bargain or tracking down a kit or no longer produced item - very likely on a trader's stall than the overpriced jumble sale bring and buy...

I've even been where a particular game was on - I still remember the Mollwitz game at Partizan using Charles Grant's original Spencer Smiths. The fact that it attracted such attention at the time tells you a lot I think - because it was different and nostalgic all at the same time.

Enough naval gazing! I need to get on with something so I can post something of merit next month at least aside from pointless ruminations.


  1. You seem to be experiencing the sort of lethargy we all go through every so often. It will,pass, and when it does, you will have renewed energy and motivation. I find that trying fight it doesn’t work, and that just allowing matters to take their course is likely to be the quicker and better option.

    As for going to wargame shows … we’ll, I’ve not been SELWG today and I won’t be going to SALUTE. I rarely buy anything these days, and find that I spend most of my time chatting with other wargamers.

    All the best,


  2. Neil, making the effort to put your thoughts down is a step toward progress, I think. Keep plugging away and motivation will eventually return. Hang in there!

  3. Thanks Bob and Jonathan.
    I think it's a combination of things - grey days don't help.

  4. I feel your 'pain' (not the right word, but can't think of the right one). Work and other real life stuff.

    I actually went to SELWG today. First show I've been to in many years.

    1. Real life has a habit of pushing out what's supposed to be a distraction from the world! I sometimes wish I could live in my imagi-Nation.....
      Only went to SELWG once, it was a good show but the swimming pools were distracting! The new venue should be an improvement!

  5. It's interesting watching from "the other side of the fence" I'm often involved in a participation game for the Lance & Longbow and working as "front of house£. The attendees at shows do seemed to fit into categories such as drifters, who don't know what they are doing until something catches their attention. Bargain hunters, who are obsessed with shopping and little else, If we have some books on sale they with stop to check them out but can't be engaged in why they are interested in the period. obsessives whose only interest is their latest fad. My favourites are the tasters, who listen, express an interest and then return to join in a game later in the day. We used to have a collection of people dropping in to the game because they have enjoyed it so much previously and often bringing friend along. So take time and chat to the gamers about what's going on. Well organised games will be pleased to chat and if they don't that tells you more about the gamers than the game system.

    Will, desperate to get out on the circuit again

    ps 1/87 vehicles - you might consider getting a 3D resin printer. By accident I printed an underscale Bison (SIG 150mm on Panzer I chassis) that turned out to be almost exactly 1/87


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