Sunday, 15 May 2022

Mountains of Madness? (Apologies to HP Lovecraft)

After slowly plodding through another white coated Estavian regiment last weekend, I could not face painting, so finished off some more mountain pieces I had knocked up during the week after work.

After looking at the previous mountains, I realised that for any table layout for those boxes on the Soldier King map where they feature (as a pass through the mountains - naturally fortified), I really needed some corner or edge pieces......

Several blogs including Blunders on the Danube, had a Snappy Nappy campaign featuring more "natural" shaped mountains which provided some inspiration for these:

The rear face is flat designed for a table edge.

I intend covering them all in a mix of wall plaster, PVA and sand before adding a few rocks, grass and painting grey -brown (with snow capped peaks just for David).

It's odd where the hobby leads you; I've spend a few hours looking at the various artificial snow products available for convincing snow topped peaks!


  1. The mountains are progressing well.

    1. Thanks. Not quite alive with the sounds of music!

  2. they look good, I'm sure there must be cheaper options than artificial snow products!

    1. My initial thought was white paint. So I started looking for white craft type acrylics (as Wilco were out of stock of white emulsion test pots....) And had various artificial snow paint suggested to me....
      I'm also thinking it may be use for the Winter War (Finns v USSR).


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